2023 Australia Mr.InfiRay Interview - Beau Ricketts


2023 Australia Mr.InfiRay Interview - Beau Ricketts

2023 Australia Mr.InfiRay Interview - Beau Ricketts

2023-11-02 17:03:00

We would like to introduce Beau Ricketts, our Mr.InfiRay in Australia to all of you! He has been hunting for nearly ten years and now is a professional shooter. He is a loving father in life and a reliable partner in work. Beau gains a following of hunting fans through his love of hunting and his expertise with the equipment. He said: My goal is to reach the end in harmony with myself, my loved ones and my conscience”. Let’s take a look at his interview.



Q1: Why do you hunt? What does HUNTING mean to you?

A1: I am a full-time professional shooter, working in the conservation field. I target invasive pest animal species, giving our threatened native species a better chance.



Q2: How did hunting become one of your passions?

A2: I am passionate about our native species and the programs undertaken to ensure their survival. Hunting invasive pest animals gives them a better chance to increase their population density and removes animals from the ecosystem that aren’t meant to be there.



Q3: Do you hunt at nightWhat do you like most about hunting at night?

A3: 95% of my work is at night, allowing me to target nocturnal pest animals when they are most active.



Q4: What do you know about InfiRay Outdoor?

A4: Infiray Outdoor is a manufacturer of thermal products that has recently come to the Australian market, which has been dominated by Pulsar, ATN and Hikmicro and is making waves with their high-quality sensors and the range of thermal units available.



Q5: How do you think InfiRay Outdoor’s products will help you hunt at night

A5: Using high resolution, quality thermal units is the core of my business. The ability to detect and identify animals is crucial to my work. Having a consistent and accurate unit such as the RICO RS75 has really increased my on-ground capabilities by providing ultra crisp imagery as well as shot after shot consistency.


You can connect with Beau on Facebook at @Precision Varminting, and make sure to follow our official Facebook Page @InfiRay Outdoor and join our Facebook group for more updates and interview.

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