infiRay Outdoor APP

infiRay Outdoor APP

New InfiRay Outdoor APP

The InfiRay Outdoor app builds a bridge between users and InfiRay Outdoor, through the application you can easily access product functions and enhance your overall hunting experience.

Intuitive UI

The app features an all new interface; redesigned for ease of use, streamlined and standardized with rich colors and fonts, loaded with intuitive features, and refined with highly precise and scientific functions.


Device Connection

The app has two types of connections: 1. Your smartphone connects to your InfiRay device’s LAN (Local Area Network) & 2. Your InfiRay device connects to your smartphone via  hotspot some devices are currently supported.

Device Connection.png

Mobile Viewfinder

The app can turn your smartphone into a mobile viewfinder. Images and videos captured by your digital night vision or your thermal imaging device can be transmitted live to the screen of your smartphone.

Mobile Viewfinder.png

 Picture and video Recording 

Photo and Video recording in the device can be initialized via smartphone, keeping you focused on your observation or hunt.  The image or video files can be saved either to the internal memory of your connected InfiRay device or directly to your smartphone.

Picture and video Recording.png

Firmware update

The app allows you to check for new firmware updates, and will also allow you to install firmware updates for your InfiRay thermal or digital night vision devices when they are connected to your smartphone.

Firmware update.png

Customized Reticle

The app supports Customized Reticles for InfiRay rifle scopes. Within the app, you can design a custom reticle that fits you best.

Customized Reticle.png

Parameter Setting


In the Camera View Function, brightness and contrast parameters can be adjusted via the new app and will be synchronized to your spotter and scope devices. You can also save multiple presets within the app for different hunting or observation environments.

Parameter Setting.png

Video Editing


Videos can be edited within the app; Videos can be spliced, cropped (currently this feature is only supported for IOS smartphones, the crop feature is not supported on Android devices), shifted speed and saved.You can quickly edit videos on your phone and share them with your friends for the first time.


Day and Night Mode

Day and night modes can be switched within the app; Day mode uses a light color theme and night mode uses a dark color theme. You can switch modes by one click on the top right corner of the homepage within the app.

Day and Night Mode.png

Hunting Diary

The app features a personal hunting diary. This feature allows you to post and organize your own hunting moments. The app will also record the details of your hunting journey, such as the start time, the species, the numbers, etc.

Hunting Diary.png

Currently Supported models

The new  app  supports the following product series: EYE , Finder, Zoom, UNIQUE, Saim, Rico, Geni, Tube &Bolt, Tube SE &Bolt SE, and we will update the firmware of these products in the near future so that they can support more new functions of the new app. Users of other product lines can continue to use the old version of the app, and we will continue to update the new version of the app so that it supports more product lines.

Currently Supported models.png

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